Jared Machen, Client Service Associate


Jared is an essential part of our client service team. He is focused on implementing daily tasks core to our offering. Jared's work isn't always glamorous, nor is it always front stage, and yet it is absolutely necessary for upholding the Hill Investment Group standards of business and ensuring the Director of Client Service is freed up to spend his time serving clients.

Jared graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Before arriving at Hill, he worked for an investment advisory firm that focused on financial planning for executives and picking individual stocks. Jared began the philosophical transformation to an evidence-based approach when A) everything he began reading in his free time pointed him in that direction and B) he realized the time required to employ an active strategy precludes the ability to genuinely serve clients.

With his experience in financial planning and investing, Jared understands the importance of establishing enduring relationships and implementing a long-term investment strategy to best position clients to succeed over the long term.


We see things differently. Instead of viewing money as something intrinsically valuable, Hill Investment Group realizes that the primary value of money is as a tool to help someone define and achieve a life of meaning.


My family is the kind of family that spends an American holiday outside of America. We forsake tradition for adventure, which I guess ironically makes adventure our tradition. (See the picture of my family celebrating Thanksgiving in Guatemala... and yes, that is an active volcano behind us)


I'm the oldest of three siblings. My sister is the coolest of the three, working for a marketing agency in Nashville. My youngest brother is taller and bigger than me, despite my being five years his senior. My parents live in Memphis, but spend a lot of time traveling to visit their kids, to our family farm in Honduras, or to fundraisers around the country for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

My wife and I were born on the same day (April 26th) a year apart from one another on separate sides of the country — she was born in Boston and I was born in California. Somehow, we met in the middle for college at the University of Arkansas. The first time I met Erin, she was dressed up for a party, but the time when I fell in love with her was when she was covered in sweat and dirt in the middle of a Honduran rainforest. She knows how to let her guard down and jump into crazy adventures with me. We were married in May 2017 in downtown Saint Louis, not knowing we'd relocate to the city where we tied the knot in later that year.



My parents. Their favorite hobby is serving others. Whether it is leading mission trips, taking us to spend a Christmas in New Orleans doing Hurricane Katrina relief, or their volunteer work with the marginalized of inner-city Memphis, serving others is part of their DNA. They didn't have to talk about the importance of loving others as yourself, they lived it.


Having lived in 5 different states, I've met a lot of great people along the way. My favorite weekends are those spent on the road visiting and reconnecting with friends and loved ones. I love taking short trips to nurture the valuable relationships I have made across the different stages of my life.


When I go to a new place, I get outside of my comfort zone. And when I get outside of my comfort zone and get to see life outside of my own, I get a better sense of who I am. Traveling is important because it teaches me more of who I am.

One of my most memorable traveling experiences is when my wife and I backpacked through the Pacific Northwest. We didn't have much of a plan. We ended up at a concert in central Washington, not knowing where we'd go next or how we'd get there. Somehow, we befriended some Canadians and ended up hitching a ride with them to Vancouver. We still laugh looking back at how far relentless optimism could take us.



Making a pour-over coffee while listening to one of my favorite vinyl records.


Spending time with people who are different from you.


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“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

“There are far, far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.”
— CS Lewis