Understand the Hillfolio Philosophy

Our investment approach is based on the science of investing, harnessing decades of research to help you put the odds of financial success on your side. Rather than making risky bets with your money, we study the evidence about which investments have offered the best long-term performance. By following that evidence and maintaining our Long View approach that calls for discipline and calm in the face of short-term marketing swings, we deliver an investment experience with better potential returns and less stress.

Matt Hall, co-founder and president of Hillfolio and Hill Investment Group, describes the vision and values behind this philosophy in his book, Odds On : The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor. We encourage you to read the book for a detailed look at our philosophy, but we’ve also highlighted the top 5 takeaways from the book to share its key messages.




Let Us Build It


Once you understand our evidence-based philosophy, you’re ready to get an evidence-based portfolio of your own. We’ve made it simple with a 10 second questionnaire that prepares you for a conversation with PJ McDaniel to discuss your goals. 


Together, we’ll develop plan to help increase your odds of financial success. That plan includes all of the benefits listed below—for a fee that is lower than 80% of our peers[1].


[1] According to Advisory HQ


Please complete our 10 second questionnaire and then schedule a time to speak to PJ, an experienced evidence-based advisor, to discuss your goals.


Customized Portfolio

We’ll build you a diversified portfolio using either ETFs or exclusive mutual funds. We develop an appropriate allocation for your goals and investor profile, so can stick with that portfolio for the long-term.



Aggregated Dashboard

Hillfolio helps organize your financial life in one place: An intuitive, visual dashboard where you you can monitor your portfolio alongside other financial data such as your bank accounts, credit cards and even your external 401(k). 



No Transaction Costs

Our low fee covers all your services.  Period. You won’t have to scour statements for hidden fees or get surprise bills at any time.



Automatic Rebalancing

Gains or losses in different holdings can cause your portfolio to shift away from your desired risk exposure over time. But with Hillfolio, we’ll monitor your holdings and rebalance your portfolio as often as needed to keep your asset allocation on target.



Tax-Loss Harvesting

Our portfolio monitoring system allows us to convert investment downturns into tax savings, reducing your tax bill while maintaining your overall investment strategy.



Start Taking the Long View®

Our model is based on the principles of long-term investing success. We believe that a disciplined and academically grounded investment strategy is the smartest way to build and sustain wealth. Once your account is fully funded, we’ll construct your portfolio and monitor it from there, allowing you to focus on what’s most important in your life.

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