The Hillfolio Philosophy

Smart decisions in medicine, engineering, and technology are made only after reviewing data and evidence.  The same should be true in investing, but it’s often not the case.  Why should this matter to you? Hill Investment Group president and co-founder Matt Hall, a thought leader in evidence-based investing, wrote Odds On to help spread the message.

Matt’s book, an Amazon top seller in “Investment & Analysis Strategy,” shares the vision, values and context of our philosophy.  We created the Top 5 Takeaways to highlight the most important messages in Odds On.  



Let Us Build It


After you understand our evidence-based philosophy, your next step would be to take our 10 second questionnaire. Once you complete 3 simple questions, we’ll schedule time to speak with PJ McDaniel (a live human) to discuss your goals. 

Together we’ll develop a systematic plan to help increase the odds of your financial success. 

With Hillfolio, you’ll get all of the features listed below at a fee that is lower than 80% of our peers (according to Advisory HQ).


Please complete our 10 second questionnaire and then schedule a time to speak to PJ, an experienced evidence-based advisor, to discuss your goals.


Customized Portfolio

Successful investing isn’t about guesswork or guru’s, nor is it about buying the cheapest index fund.  We’ll build you a customized portfolio using exclusive funds, with a comfortable allocation that you can stick with for the long-term.



Aggregated Dashboard

It’s nice to have everything on one page.  You’ll link bank accounts, credit cards and even your 401k held outside of Hillfolio to a single slick dashboard. 



No Transaction Costs

Means no transaction costs.  Period.  No need to worry about senseless fees that make you feel like you’re getting “nickel & dimed.”



Daily Rebalancing

To maintain your desired risk exposure, we’ll rebalance your portfolio as often as every day to keep your asset class weighting on target.



Daily Tax-Loss Harvesting

We’ll systematically reduce your tax bill while maintaining your overall investment strategy.



Start Taking the Long View®

Our model is based on the principles of long-term investing success. We believe that a disciplined and academically grounded investment strategy is the smartest way to build and sustain wealth. Once your account is fully funded, we’ll construct your portfolio and take it from there.

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