What is Hillfolio?

Hillfolio is bringing evidence-based investing to everyone. What is evidence-based investing and why should you care? Great questions with easy answers.

Hillfolio is the dream solution created by the respected team at Hill Investment Group. Hillfolio is bringing an investment approach - once reserved for the wealthiest investors and institutions – to a much bigger audience.

Evidence-based investing is the way to invest according to academic research. In the old days, investors tried to pick stocks (find the needles) and outsmart the market. What does decades of research tell us about stock picking? It doesn’t reliably work. Evidence-based investing allows investors to capture market returns by owning a big piece of global capitalism (own the haystack) instead of picking individual stocks. In addition, owning the haystack increases efficiency by lowering costs and minimizing taxes. Sounds like a winning strategy to us.

Why does this matter? Over the long run, research tells us you are more likely to reach your financial goals if you manage costs and let the global markets work for you.  We’ll help you understand the approach while building your confidence and discipline, which ultimately puts the odds of success on your side.

Welcome to Hillfolio!