What is Hillfolio?

Hillfolio is an exciting new development in the evidence-based investing revolution—a movement that’s liberating people from a traditional Wall Street model that’s expensive, ineffective and puts a broker’s profits ahead of people’s needs.

Created by the experienced team of evidence-based financial advisors at Hill Investment Group, Hillfolio provides is low cost and innovative personal finance platform that allows us to deliver the benefits of evidence-based investing to a much bigger audience.

Once reserved for institutions and wealthy investors, evidence-based investing relies on academic research and market data to inform investment decisions. The first thing that academic research tells us is that the traditional investing approach—relying on experts who think they know which investments will win and believe they can time the market’s ups and downs—simply doesn’t work. It’s nearly impossible for any stock-picker to outperform the markets in the long run. Attempts to do so will almost certainly hurt your returns, raise your fees and create unnecessary stress as you react to every short-term market gyration.

The second thing the evidence tells us is that there are certain types of investments and asset classes that have outperformed the markets over long periods. By assembling those investments in a diversified portfolio and holding them for the long-term, you not only increase your potential returns but you also lower your costs and reduce taxes.

Taking advantage of this winning strategy is easier than ever, thanks to Hillfolio. Our online platform offers expertly designed evidence-based portfolios, allowing you to put the power of global markets to work in pursuit of your financial goals. Our team of skilled advisors can help you understand more about this approach while building your confidence and discipline—which helps you maintain the long-term perspective that’s critical to putting the odds of success on your side.

Welcome to the evidence-based investing revolution, and welcome to Hillfolio!