Hillfolio is an online, evidence-based investing platform.


For years, Hill Investment Group (HIG) has been working with ultra high-net worth families throughout the U.S. to put the odds of successful investing on their side. We’ve built a national practice, but one thing has always been missing: a way to bring our approach to more people.

That’s what led us to create Hillfolio.


Hillfolio Experience Team

The Hillfolio team is committed to providing a premium experience normally offered only to ultra-wealthy clients.


Odds On – The Making of an Evidence-Based Investor

This isn’t just another investment advice book.  It’s a memoir, a manifesto, and a map to the way investing should be. We recommend reading Odds On to understand our vision, values, philosophy and the way we serve clients.

If you believe what we believe, everything else will make sense.

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all net proceeds from the sales of odds on go to charity

2016 Bestseller

2016 Bestseller

Top Seller in "Investment & Analysis Strategy"

Top Seller in "Investment & Analysis Strategy"

Selected to "Best New Business Books"

Selected to "Best New Business Books"



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