Hillfolio is a digital, evidence-based investing platform.


Many approaches to wealth management tend to fall into one (or both) of these buckets: too complex or too expensive.

It’s not uncommon to see hard-working, intelligent individuals entrust their financial freedom to a broken system that works in favor of their brokers instead of their portfolios. You know the deal: high fees, low transparency, and in recent cases, 10-figure fines (according to investment bank KBW). In short, the financial industry can be overpaid to underperform.

It is in response to this injustice that Matt Hall and Rick Hill founded their “island of idealism” at Hill Investment Group.

Hill Investment Group (HIG) has built a national practice over the last 13 years, but one thing has always been missing: a way to bring our evidence-based investment philosophy to a wider audience.

That’s what led us to create Hillfolio.

Hillfolio is a digital wealth management tool that democratizes evidence-based investing and helps puts the odds of long-term success on the side of people, not corporations. Unlike most mass market robo-advisors, with Hillfolio you get personalized advice, access to education, and exclusive investments typically reserved for the wealthiest investors.

In other words, we leveled the playing field.

But Hillfolio isn’t all about data and dollar signs. At its core, Hillfolio is about empowering people with an investment strategy that gives them freedom to focus on their family, friends, and activities that make for a fulfilling life.

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The Hillfolio team is committed to providing a premium experience normally offered only to ultra-wealthy clients.



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