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The Hillfolio team is committed to providing a premium experience normally offered only to the wealthiest clients.


PJ McDaniel, Director, Hillfolio

PJ oversees Hillfolio, Hill Investment Group's powerful new digital advice platform. In this role, PJ is helping realize our long-held dream of bringing evidence-based investing to clients who otherwise wouldn't have access to the institutional portfolios and exceptional service that are the hallmarks of the Hill Investment Group (HIG) experience.


Hillfolio is an innovative, evidence-based investing platform.


Hillfolio was created by Hill Investment Group in 2018 because we believe that investors deserve a better experience from their financial partners.

 Too many people are trapped in an outdated investment model that’s not designed to serve their interests: It’s controlled by so-called experts who believe they know which investments will outperform and how to time the market’s ups and downs. But this system does more to boost investment firm profits than to help investors achieve their goals. It’s expensive, due to high fees, hidden commissions and higher taxes. And it’s stressful, because you’re always chasing performance and reacting to short-term market movements.

 Instead, we offer evidence-based investing, which leverages decades of market data to assemble investment portfolios with better odds of long-term success, lower costs and less turnover. For the past 14 years, Hill Investment Group has built a national, evidence-based practice for select investors. With Hillfolio, we can now bring our evidence-based investment philosophy and commitment to superior customer service to a wider audience.

 Hillfolio is an innovative wealth management tool that offers access to exclusive evidence-based mutual funds and ETFs in a centralized, automated platform. And unlike most mass market online investment platforms, Hillfolio offers personalized advice, access to education and other services typically reserved for wealthier investors, such as automatic rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting.

 In other words, we leveled the playing field.

 But Hillfolio isn’t just about improving your odds of investment success. At its core, Hillfolio is about empowering people with an investment strategy that gives them freedom to focus on their family, friends and activities that make for a fulfilling life.

 Start putting the power of the global markets to work for you. Let’s talk.



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